Pepper robot is already working in healthcare in Hungary

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We are happily announce that Pepper robot is already performing a healthcare service in a Hungarian office, named Private Medical Centre of Buda (Budai Magánorvosi Centrum).

Pepper robot is already working in healthcare.
Pepper has been working at the center since the late of April 2020

Since the outbreak of the pandamic, we have been particularly concerned about how we can help by using robotics and AI.

Previously, we shared a blog post about the uses of Pepper robot in healthcare. In it we explained that our development can be applied effectively in such an area, too.

And in the time of the coronavirus, who else should we help? Our doctors and nurses. They are the ones who are perhaps the most exposed to infection risks during the fight for others.

About the project

Our robot performs pre-screening in the medical centre. The goal of the development is to detect those patients who may are infected by COVID-19. For that, the robot uses a questionnaire. The suspicion arises only then, when someone experiences any symptoms and / or has contacted an infected person. In this case, the robot advises them to stay at home. Also, they should consult their GP as soon as possible.

Pepper sends the others to the nurse’s station. As a result, the human staff probably will not get in contact with an infected person.

How is Pepper robot doing in healthcare?

“As we see, patients like the first, non-traditional greeting and are also happy to work with the robot. The medical director of the center dr. Pácz Alaxandra said, that “it’s a relief to our colleagues that the robot takes this simple, but exhausting and repetitive workflow off their shoulders”.

Media coverage

Although our robot project has been running only for a week, it has already caught the attention of the press. In our opinion, the reason for it is the element of surprise that Pepper robot can already be found in a Hungarian medical center. Forbes also reported on Sunday that “there is already a doctor’s office in Budapest where patients are screened by a robot”.

Here the solution is reported in detail, dr. Alexandra Pácz (Medical Director of BMC) and Levente Bartha (Executive Director of Netlife Robotics) gave interviews too. 

Click here for the article.

Pepper is still working at the medical center. In addition, beside pre-screening, the robot can be trained for many other things. In connection with the coronavirus, robots can reduce the vulnerability of personnel. As a result, the need for similar developments has increased. By performing monotonous, routine tasks, it can also take a significant burden off the shoulders of the staff.

In conclusion we can say, that Pepper can be a big help even in this pandemic time.

The robot can be found in other areas in Hungary as well. For instance, you can also meet it in a convenience store.

Our development can be used not only in the health care, but also in the field of retail, banking and catering, among others.

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