Digital customer service

Léna kioskon

Digital human

Léna, the digital customer service expert

Our latest solution is Léna, the digital human avatar that aims to unleash overwhelmed customer service.

Meet Léna now!

Solution with softwares


The voicebot is a live verbal driven chatbot that is an essential tool for digital customer support.


Stability in jobs with high turnover

Lots of routine questions can be answered with the help of the digital assistant.


Greater customer experience

The hardware system only requires a microphone and a speaker. It can be integrated into terminals, tablets or even in humanoid robots.


Automated questionnaire-based survey

Whether used in a call centre or on the interface of a touch screen, the system can carry out more efficient surveys.

Robots, robotics

The future belongs to the robotics! But what is a robot exactly?

Robots are useful helpers in almost every area of life. Space research, health care, construction industry, deep-sea research – and now customer service!

Pepper márkájú humanoid robot, mely mesterséges intelligencia segítségével képes ember - robot interakcióra.

Tamás Csongovai

Supershop Hungary Ltd.

Dream big! We dreamed big when we decided to start robotics project. At Netlife Robotics, we met professionals who are able to make our dreams come true. In a very short time, they developed a tumbling, living robot. With their help, we haveachieved tremendous success among our partners.

Domonkos Páli

Philip Morris Ltd.

Humanoid robotics, artificial intelligence... We needed the very best for a project like this! The team at Netlife Robotics is made up of diverse and experienced engineers with whom we can work quickly and flexibly. The Philippa robot, that they "brought to life”, really helps us to inform our customers properly and fully.

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