Digital human avatar

Léna, a digital human

Our latest solution is Léna, the digital human avatar that aims to unleash overwhelmed customer service. Léna works on kiosks and displays. It is able to answer the frequently asked routine questions that expose most of the time to customer service. It is able to simulate body language and facial expressions during communication. Due to these, it can build a better relationship with customers. The digital human is much closer to a human being than an automated chatbot or IVR solutions.

Quality customer service with the digital human avatar

Léna kioskon

Acquiring a new buyer is ten times more expensive than retaining existing ones. One of the critical factors in customer retention is quality customer service. Digital human helps maintain a higher level of customer experience.

Customer service is always available

With Lena, you can run customer service 0-24, every day of the week. It doesn’t get tired, serves customers with the same enthusiasm and courtesy during the whole day.

Always available

What does a digital human project look like?

The digital human gets the answers from a project-specific database. We develop this database together with the client. This database is constantly expanding as the artificial intelligence algorithm that drives Lena is constantly learning from the interactions that are uttered.

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