Everyday robots

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Robots are becoming more and more popular. What roles do robots play in everyday life? In this blog, we present the most common robots you can find anywhere.

Robots in shopping malls

Robots, such as the Pepper robot, are now used in more and more retail outlets. You can meet him not only at the Etele mall, but also in the physical store of Eobuwie.pl in Gdansk, Poland, for example. In addition, in Georgia, GiS began employing Pepper in a shopping mall.

At home, SuperShop Hungary has been using a Pepper robot for two years now. He encourages customers to use the loyalty card, but also plays prize games with them.

Pepper in a supermarket in Budapest
Pepper in a supermarket in Budapest

Cleaning robots

Due to the coronavirus epidemic that is still taking place today, cleaning and disinfection robots have also developed greatly. Several different solutions have been developed, such as UV light disinfection robots that kill 99% of bacteria. They work autonomously, so they are of great benefit if they need to be cleaned after a COVID infection, for example.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are entering more and more homes in Hungary as well. But I could also mention Softbank’s robot called Robotics Whiz, which is sold to corporate cleaning brigades.

Robots in education

My favourite is Softbank Robotics ’training robot called Nao, but the Pepper robot is also often used for that purpose. High school students are studying the exciting world of programming with their help.

Robots have also been shown to be useful in educating autists. They can learn the rules of communication and social behaviour primarily with the help of humanoid robots. We have already written about this in our previous blog.

However, for cars, this issue is more complicated. Legal and ethical issues also often arise. Who is responsible if, for example, the algorithm fails, causes an accident or the car is involved in an accident? If you have to pull the government, in what direction? Or even if you are sure to hit a pedestrian on the road?

Pepper robot home office

Robots for healthcare

We’ve also dealt with the most common medical robots in an earlier blog. Humans most often understand surgical robots as these systems. But they include hospital cleaning robots, nursing robots that can help lift injured patients, for example. They include humanoid robots, who also help nurses, supervise patients, and entertain them. A Pepper robot is also used for this purpose. During the pandemic in Paris, patients and relatives were in contact through it.

I would also like to mention an own development here: the Pepper robot developed by us assessed the health status of patients entering a clinic in Buda during the coronavirus epidemic with a questionnaire.

Of course, the most common robots are software bots that we tend to separate from those with a physical body. However, these software are there on our smartphones, we can actually get them at any time. These include Google or Facebook. bots that search for and rank content for us.

What robots do you encounter during your work? Write to us!