Employer branding 4.0 – with a humanoid robot

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News claim that Pepper robot is currently a part of an apprentice team of an Austrian automotive company. Of course, the goal is employer branding. In this blog, we will look at how a humanoid robot can help you in these sorts of marketing tasks?

Pepper welcomed employees

Two years ago, we visited a town in the Great Plain with colleagues and, of course, our robot, where our customer was a local large company. The task was very simple for Pepper: he had to greet the employees of the company. He spoke a few words to them, told jokes, played the saxophone.

Pepper robot participate in a professional conference

The company had to face several challenges. Significant fluctuations and skilled supply have become increasingly difficult to find, despite traditional marketing methods.

This is how Pepper, the robot they met at our event, came up with. Our experts marched to the site and commissioned a robot, Pepper, which became the brand face of the company’s employers. The robot played the saxophone all the way, told jokes, but also gave useful professional information to the person who asked for it.

With this little show, he was a great success among the employees, who also filmed, photographed and self-directed with him throughout. The pictures and videos were immediately uploaded to the store and shared on Instan or LinkedIn. Thus, the image of the employer was organically increased.

Pepper robot participated in a team-building

Every marketer knows that there are many tools available for an employer’s branding activity.

However, for large companies, you need more than that. You need an employer brand ambassador who stands out from the crowd.

Also 1-2 years ago, one of our multinational partners organized a professional event with a team builder on the Croatian coast. During the performances, it was also possible to interact with a Pepper robot.

A large company, also of domestic interest, held a training and professional day for employees, on a ship in Budapest. During the lectures, even a famous Hungarian psychologist was invited to give a lecture on motivation. Of course, this event couldn’t have missed Robot Pepper, who even gave a speech on stage.

Why Pepper?

As I noted earlier, employer branding holds a number of tools.

Online advertising can be very simple and even cost-effective. Provided, of course, that it is prepared by a good professional. In addition to online interfaces, we can organize team builders with a wide variety of programs and write PR articles for the most reputable, credible online news portals.

My favourite traditional solution is to organize a professional day for workers or students, to which then famous professionals, comedians, mental trainers are invited.

However, these tools are known and used by everyone. Pepper robot, on the other hand, is still a little-known solution. In addition to entertaining content, it is also ready to provide very useful information. It is also used for hobby projects, all programmers have already written their own program for the robot. Of course, these are not for business purposes.

Pepper robot

The Pepper robot is also used as part of other marketing campaigns as a brand ambassador. You can think of companies like HSBC, Philips, Nestlé or Renault.

The great success of Pepper robot lies in its directness and kindness. It’s amazing that we can talk to a robot, we can selfish. His appearance is also consciously designed, his whole appearance is childish, his eyes are huge. He is also human in his behavior, he keeps eye contact, then he turns to man.

With the robot Pepper, we are happy to attend similar events where it is accompanied by our specialists.