Customer service of the future – in present tense

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For the first time, we held a joint business breakfast with our strategic partner, the Protocall. It took place on the beautiful A38 ship. The topic of the meeting was the customer service supported by the artificial intelligence and robotics. Worldwide are these solutions getting only now implemented. Therefore, we can say that customer service of the future – in present tense!

Customer service of the future - participants

Péter Bognár: The customer service of the future is impossible without AI and robotics

The first presenter of the full house event was Péter Bognár. He is the leader of the joint project of Protocall and Netlife Robotics. He is also a nationally known customer service consultant. According to him, the customer service of the future is unthinkable without artificial intelligence and robotics.

At the beginning of his presentation, he quoted Seneca: “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable”. He also pointed out that “the most important issue for future operations is that we know why we do what we do”. The improvements aims at meeting the challenges of today. “Meeting high performance requirements while keeping costs at an optimal level, despite of external influences (e.g. labor shortages)”. Robotics and artificial intelligence are clearly tools for this, he also underlined. However, these concepts seem elusive at first which is why there was a live demo with Pepper robot. And why with Pepper? “Pepper and the development behind it are able to provide a solution for all kind of customer services, making them unique in the market.”

Levente Bartha: The age of robots

The next speaker was the CEO of Netlife Robotics Levente Bartha. In his presentation “The Age of Robots”, he spoke about artificial intelligence and robotics in general. “Let’s think about how many times in everyday life we have more trust in a algorithm than in ourselves.” The audience had plenty of ideas: navigation with Wazze or Google Maps, social media, automatic recommendation of ads, refractive surgery and even fintech. Examples can be collected even on the street, think of the metro line M4, which is fully automated, or the traffic lights. “We often trust algorithms much more than the human beings, and for good reason.

Then the presenter introduced the robots of today in general. Nowadays are customer service robots and voicebots big novelties among robotic arms, kobots and the so-called software robots. The biggest advantage of these is that you don’t have to type, you just talk to them, as it is the most natural way of communication. Consequently, Netlife Robotics has developed a Hungarian speaking voicebot that can be used in call centers, robots and on other platforms. This solution can be used not only by the customer service of the future, but also by the customer service of the present.

Panel discussion

On the screen: Customer service of the future – in present tense

After the two presentations, a panel discussion took place. Participants:

Gyertyánfy, Miklós – asset management director, Gránit Pólus

Csongovai, Tamás – marketing manager, SuperShop

Bognár, Péter – customer service consultant, projek manager

Tanos, Áron – CTO, Netlife Robotics, president of the Hungarian Robot Builders Association

The host of the panel discussion was András Lőrincz, Sales Director of Protocall.

Every participants highlighted the importance of robotics, digitization, and artificial intelligence. The renewal of Westend and digital transformation was also mentioned. Regarding the Super Pepper project, Tamás Csongovai noted that Pepper is the closest to his heart (of course, only after C-3PO).

To sum up, the business breakfast was a great success, and the presentations were very interactive. Also, the audience commented on the topic actively. Above all, it was clear that robotics and artificial intelligence seriously captured the attention of the invited professionals.

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