Hungarian artificial intelligence strategy was presented

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The official artificial intelligence strategy of Hungary was presented on the 8th of September in Debrecen, by the innovation and technology minister, László Palkovics The document is a co-production of 1000 delegated AI experts and further 240 member organisations of the Artificial Intelligence Coalition. Our company is also a member of the Coalition, so we also contribute to the success of the Hungarian AI.

Artificial intelligence strategy
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The Artificial Intelligence Coalition is a governmental organisation. It is a professional forum for AI developers both businesses and educational organisations. It is also a task of the coalition to analyzes the impacts of AI on society and business.

The strategy sets goals up to 2030 and outlines an action plan extending up to 2025. It is a living document that needs to be reviewed at least every two years due to the fast technological changes. The AI will have a big impact on the economy, society and also, the international environment.

Data economy and security are crucial parts of the document. Every citizen has an own data wallet, what is like a real one with money inside. They also have the right to use their data, and to trade with it safely. The goal is to enable citizens to participate in the data economy where secondary use of data take place. Let’s look at the goals of the strategy!

Objectives by 2030 that directly affecting citizens

It is important, that AI is an existing technology, that already affects our everyday life. Most citizens may believe that AI is just a scientific thing that will be the future. However this “future” is closer than they think! That’s why the strategy listing technologies that have a direct effect on everyday life.

AI supported traffic and logistics is very important, maybe that’s why Hungary could be the European center of the planning and testing of self-driving vehicles. AI can also support environment-friendly technologies. By 2030, 70% of the scheduling of renewable energy production will be carried out by smart technologies.

In connection with the environment-friendly technologies, agriculture should use data base systems, that could help decrease the emission of ammonia by 32%. AI could be used to control machinery autonomously and to identify sick animals or crop problems too.

Focus areas of the document

The strategy defines sector-specific focus-areas. In these, AI will indicate several changes. One of them is the manufacturing. Industrial robotics is a rapidly growing business, and companies already deploy a lot of smart industrial solutions. These result bigger efficiency in the manufacture.

We have a saying in Hungary, which underline that the most important thing in life is our health. To be healthy means everything in this world. Maybe that’s why data-driven healthcare is also an important part of this strategy. If the stakeholders use the expanding health data asset in a responsible way, the healthcare system becomes more efficient.

The strategy has further focus areas like logistics, traffic, agriculture or education. The last one is also important, “by the end of the 2030s, automation and AI are expected to affect 900,000 workers in Hungary”. That doesn’t mean they will lose their job. These jobs will change, and workers need new skills.

You can read the full strategy, if you visit ai-hungary.com (find the link below). Do you want to be a successful AI adopter? Contact us, and explore the advantages of AI and robotics! Our company develops software using voice and speech recognition, artificial neural systems and even robots in order to deliver digital customer service solutions.

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