AI voicebot for shopping centers

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Imagine, that you are in a shopping mall, and you would like to buy an interesting book about AI technologies. However, you have no idea where to find the bookshop within the mall. Now, you have only one way to access this information. You have to ask the customer service representative at the information point. The representatives will tell you and the other 1000 customers the same locations every day. Not the most efficient way of customer service. But what could be more effective in a shopping mall? Maybe an AI voicebot?

Photo of an information point. voicebot  customer service
Source: PhotoMIX Company;  Pexels 

What is an AI powered voicebot?

Voicebots are very similar to chatbots. Both of these software are powered by artificial intelligence in order to evolve customer satisfaction and automate repetitive tasks. However voicebots can be used for automating living conversation using other AI technologies like speech recognition, speech synthesis and others too.

Voicebot can be integrated with humanoid robots or even with digital people in order to make a useful digital assistant for the customers. Customers like to have accurate information offline and online too. One of the recent webinars of Softbank Robotics was about using Pepper robot in retail. One of their partner, property company Sorae Sierra started deploying Pepper robot in Lisbon, Portugal.

This company made some research about the customers’ attitude towards robots. The results showed that most of the costumers meet humanoid robots like Pepper happily and ask it for help Pepper also use a voicebot). That means that shopping centers need to be very innovative. It worth it to use the latest technological tools, because these can provide bigger customer satisfaction. Pepper also using a voicebot to be able to recognize and synthetize speech.

How can a shopping center use a voicebot?

AI voicebots can be integrated in any computers that have microphone and loudspeakers. It can be a tablet or a PC or even a smartphone. Personnel of a shopping center can use the voicebot in smartphones as a personal assistant. In this way, the system will help them to do their tasks more efficiently, by getting the accurate information.

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Source of the featured image: PhotoMIX Company;  Pexels
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