Voice-based website with voicebot

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Imagine that you don’t have to click on websites, type into the search engine of the page, but you can find the content you are looking for much faster, through speech. Imagine that you don’t even need a keyboard or touch screen. Forget them! You simply tell the computer or smartphone what you want to open, what you are looking for, which product you want to buy. And he (more precisely it) answers you orally. Sounds futuristic? Well, the latest development of our company enables voice-based web surfing, in Hungarian.

Illustration: voice-based website blog.
Illustration, picture by Mudassar Iqbal
 on Pixabay

Without a voicebot…

The humanity has to adapt in many ways to machines. You have to learn how to use a mouse, a keyboard or a  touch screen, that might be a long process. In addition, not only the location of the buttons is important, you also need to be able to type quickly, as it saves a lot of time.

But how much? A few days ago, I had to help an old lady next door, Aunt Martha who, like many other people, was forced to do something online. She called me desperately and asked for my help. She has got a computer, but it’ rather a “decoration”. She can turn it on and open the browser, but the use it is problematic. It’s complicated to “click here and there, I can’t learn that at my age”.

That really got me thinking about how much simpler it would be, if the platform on which we made Aunt Martha’s arrangements was a voice website.

But what is a voice-based website exactly?

A voice-based website is a corporate site – e.g. the site of a webshop or anything else – that you can control with voice commands. It not only understands your words, but also gives you an answer. For example, if you are making arrangements, and don’t know which data to enter, you don’t need to dial the customer service immediately. You simply ask the page orally and it tells you and can even show it. And all this is possible with the help of our voicebot.

In our case, Aunt Martha sould only tell the website during the administration what she wants to arrange and dictate her data. And if she can’t find something, she asks the website and it will explain everything.

Who is it worth?

The voicebot has to be integrated into the site, so users, such as Aunt Martha, don’t need to install anything.

In the case of overloaded customer service, it is a great help and an excellent solution if you feel the need for a call center in a company, but haven’t yet started a project for it. On the one hand, this alternative allows lover cost. On the other hand, later it can be further expanded with a call center.

Why shall you use a voice-based website?

As in my personal example, many people have a problems with using internet. Not only the elderly, but also many other generations get into trouble with online shopping and administration. There is too much data, too many things to pay attention to, and the wording is often not clear either. These little questions shouldn’t burden the call center.

On the sales side, just imagine the number of customers you can direct to your website with such a development. Those we haven’t been able to reach online so far because they haven’t understood the internet properly, now we can reach them easily and serve them with relatively low input.

Why Netlife Robotics?

We believe that in the future, computers will adapt to human needs. The keyboard and mouse, as I mentioned earlier, are adaptations of the human to the machine. The touch screen is a bit more natural, but you still adapt to machines. However, by voice searches and websites you can use your most natural mean of communication. Such solutions are already spreading worldwide, but the possibilities in Hungarian are limited. Our goal is that Hungary shouldn’t lag due to language barriers, you will be able to talk to the machines in your mother tongue.