Humanoid robot project at SuperShop

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Humanoid robot project in the retail sector? It may be surprising. However, SuperShop aims to increase its visibility with a humanoid robot called Super Pepper. About half of the customers have loyalty card there, but many of them forget to use it. Also, the cashier doesn’t necessarily ask everyone for it. So, Super Pepper will remind them.

Super Pepper took part in Sirha Budapest.
Super Pepper also took part in Sirha Budapest

About the SuperShop

SuperShop Kft. (Ltd.) is the largest multi-partner loyalty program in Hungary. Consumers are happy to use the card during shopping. Mothers aged between 35 and 50 buy at high value and are very enthusiastic. Therefore, they are the main target group. However, a survey revealed that a little group of shoppers forget to use their cards. Cashiers don’t necessarily ask for it either.

The marketing team of SuperShop is made up of extremely ambitious professionals. Their most important tool is word of mouth. That’s why it is so important to be credible and innovative in the eyes of the customers.

Firstly, they had to increase visibility and remind customers of card use. As a result, they needed a brand new, special marketing solution. It is also important, that it can reflects the “personality” of the SuperShop. This corresponds to the archetype of the mother, who is caring, helpful and kind.

Why a humanoid robot?

There are several solutions to this problem. The company already uses online interfaces and is also present on social media. On the other hand, competitors also use these tools.

In a sales area, digital advertising is an option. A kiosk or even a tablet can be set out for customers. But, these are no longer so surprising. As a result, these remain unnoticed. In other words, not triggering the “aha” moment.

A humanoid robot can evoke a stronger and longer lasting memory during the shopping process than traditional POS devices.

The marketing manager of SuperShop Tamás Csongovai said that he first met Pepper in an Austrian mall. Meanwhile he was shopping, the humanoid robot showed information on its tablet. It also greeted new customers. Subsequently, they decided to promote the use of humanoid robots in the retail area.

But this project required professionals whose main activity was humanoid robotics. Experts, who also understood artificial intelligence and developed neural networks.

About the humanoid robot project

Pepper’s Hungarian reseller is the Netlife Robotics. We do not only resell, but also develop software. We created a Hungarian voicebot for the robot, too. The factory version can only answer a few simple English questions. As a result, the robot is together with the voicebot made whole.

The cooperation between the two companies started in August. The purpose was to create a human-robot interface that could also be used in retail. The robot works with the help of artificial intelligence. To clarify, its neural network learns constantly from the dialogues that utter.

Web contents are also available on its tablet. The consumers can view and browse through them. So, this complements verbal communication.

Super Pepper in action

We can continuously develop the neural network. Therefore, the project after the handover still not over. We can also expand the knowledge base of the system, according to the needs of the partner.

The SuperShop team is also making a live demo for its partners, as part of a roadshow. SuperShop takes part not only in private corporate events, but also in trade shows, such as Sirha Budapest in February. The reception was worth the effort. SuperShop customers have been extremely appreciative of the robot. In addition, the company received a Special Innovation Award.

The roadshow continues. The goal is for the humanoid robot to spread the reputation of the loyalty program and to remind the customers of card use.

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