Artificial intelligence – examples

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Netlife Robotics team members research this very interesting field, we call AI. We develop so called voicebots, what is actually a robot, so we mainly deal with robots powered by AI. On the other hand, there are many other uses of AI. Therefore, in this blog, we collected some examples of using artificial intelligence.

Illustration of artificial intelligence. This is a brain, which has a human and a machine side.

What is artificial intelligence?

There are many definitions of artificial intelligence (AI). I prefer the following definition of the Digital School Library: artificial intelligence is a intelligent conscience that is manifested by a machine or a program. In this post, I have gathered practical application possibilities, which shall include but are not limited to. The word “opportunity” is emphatic, these are often in the experimental phase, but have promising results.

1. Health care

According to experts, healthcare is one area where people can benefit a lot from the application of AI. At the start of the year, a news item appeard on Qubit.hu which said that a AI invention can revolutionize breast cancer screening. The algorithm was developed by the Google Health and the Imperial College London. Reading mammographic results was accomplished through self-learning. It has developed to such a level that it even impressed the specialists, it made the correct diagnosis much more certain. There is no need to fear that the invention will take away the work of the doctors. According to the article, it will help them to perform their profession as perfectly as possible.

In cancer screening, scientists use so-called image recognition technology.

Recently, a new antibiotic was discovered using a deep learning algorithm. Researchers say that the use of AI could help reduce the cost of producing new antibiotics.

2. Astronomy

A neural network developed by Dutch researchers recently discovered dangerous asteroids to our planet. These have already been detected by NASA experts, but they have not categorized them as dangerous. According to the computer, the orbits of the celestial bodies pose risk to Earth, but their impact is expected in the far future.

3. Transportation

One flagship of artificial intelligence research is the self-driving vehicle. Here, the system needs to adapt and make independent decisions. Regarding this, there’s an exciting question, that the scientists don’t fully understand yet: Why does the algorithm make certain decisions? The challenge is the analyzing of countless information. Unexpected events can also occur during driving, when the algorithm has to make a decision. Self-driving vehicles also use image recognition technology, just like in medicine.

4. Customer service

Last but not least, I would like to mention the main activity of our company, the development of voicebots. A voicebot is actually a live chatbot. This is due to speech comprehension and synthesis. Image recognition and robotics can be added, too. This system can be used there, where a lot of routine questions have to be answered. There are more and more of such solutions in the world. Our northern neighbour is already employing a Pepper robot at Tatra Bank. In Hungary, Supershop started to use a system called Super Pepper, which was developed by our company.

But… Are there any fears about AI?

Of course, like all novelties, also artificial intelligence causes some fear. Some people are afraid of that they will lose their jobs because of robots. The best counter-argument to this is the age of destruction of machinery. In this time, machines began to revolutionize the textile industry. Workers were truly threatened, that they would lose their job. So, they attacked and destroyed the brand new machines. Despite of their desperate movement, machinery kept developing. Therefore, companies employed more workers to handle machines.

In conclusion, technology has transformed our world. People’s work has still not been taken away. In addition, new jobs have been created, and this is likely to be the case with the progress of robotics and AI. New jobs appear that no one has heard of before. At our company, for example, the robot scripter is such a position.

As a result, we can say that using AI has a lot of advantage. If you are interesting about the development and our solutions, please contact us!

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