4YFN: a possibility for startups to growing

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4YFN event

We would like to share with you the impressions and experiences we had with Lena at 4YFN event. So the whole expo was full of the biggest names from our industry, great and profitable conversations and a lot of new and exciting projects from all around the world.

The organization and the whole event took place in a very professional way and at a pace, so it was a very nice but a bit tiring experience, as we spent an average of 12 hours a day at the place of the 4YFN exhibition and a lot of interaction and adrenaline.

4YFN event

Proud Hungarians

How did it feel to be the only Hungarian startup to participate in the 4YFN event? We have a double feeling about this, because we are very proud of this fact, and on the other hand, we are a little saddened, because other countries in our region have taken part with their own national stand.

The main technologies and Lena

These were the main technologies what were presented: VR, AR, ROBOTICS, CLOUD COMPUTING, but also a lot of startups brought their unique technologies.

As Lena, our digital assistant, was our main sensation at the 4YFN, so we will share her experiences with her as well. Mostly airports, banks and SMEs who develop chatbot-based system were interested in Lena’s services . The two most frequently asked questions about him were: Can we customize the way she look?, Is there available API for her?

4YFN conclusions

After witnessing the 4YFN event, we see that the artificial intelligence evolving and becoming more popular, but the trends in the sector are now moving and focusing more towards to virtual reality and metaverse. These technologies, of course, make active use of the opportunities offered by machine learning. We are looking forward to an exciting period.

Overall, it was a very good and unforgettable experience for the Netlife delegation, both professionally and in general, we hope to be able to represent the Hungarian robotics sector at many such and similar events.