About us

We deal with software development, artificial intelligence research and robotics. Our specialty is the digitised customer service. Netlife Robotics is a Hungarian-owned, Hungarian-founded company. Our core business is software development, and our dedicated colleagues are professionals who dream of robots even at nights!

Csapatunk tagjai és természetesen Pepper a humanoid robot, aki kicsit elvarázsolt módon kifele fordult. A digitalizált ügyfélkiszolgálás szakértői vagyunk.

Innovation has always been the driving force for Netlife Consulting. In 2018, we came up with the idea of opening to digitised customer service.

Soon we created Netlife Robotics as a spin-off, developing innovative IT solutions for customer services. The aim is the digitized customer service with robots and artificial intelligence.

Our most important development is the voicebot. From the very beginning, we found the best possible platform, in the “person” of a humanoid robot. Actually, Pepper is brought to life by the voice bot! As a young innovative firm, the focus is on the development, on the learning and on the continuous renewal.

At work we come across a lot of novelties. We have to develop the best practice, we are “pioneers”. Or favourite saying is the following: not IF it succeeds, but WHEN it succeeds!

Short films – digitised customer service

Watch the interview with our founders, In which they present our development and its benefits.

We also made a video that presents our voicebot solution integrated into a robot. Its purpose is to demonstrate the operation of the solution in this way as well. In the short film, we can see how the digitized reception of a modern office building works. The guest entering the office building is greeted and adjusted by a robot.

Women’s Day at Netlife Robotics

There are only a few female colleagues in the IT sector. That is why we hold them in high esteem. In the spring of 2020, we had the opportunity to greet two ladies on Women’s Day. Thank you for your persistent, value-creating work!

Hopefully, we will surprise even more female colleagues next year.

Nőnap a cégnél - a digitalizált ügyfélkiszolgálás szakértői.


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On the blog we share contents of artificial intelligence, robotics and our company. We have already written about certain uses of AI. In fact, withe this article we wanted to demonstrate the usefulness of this area. Surprisingly, only positive uses were collected.

We also reported on an exciting research at our company that was conducted by a Hungarian student studying in Denmark. You can also read the success story of one of our partners. Thanks to Pepper robot, they received an Innovation Award at the Sirha Budapest exhibition.