Humanoid robots

Internationally, more and more humanoid robots are at work. They can be used not only in industrial environment, but also in trade, catering industry and banking sector.

The robot is a moving mechanism, with two or more axes that are programmable, has a certain autonomy, moves around in its environment to carry out tasks. (defined by ISO 13482).

A robot mozgásba hozott mechanizmus, két vagy több tengelye programozható, bizonyos fokú autonómiával rendelkezik, a környezetében mozog, hogy feladatokat hajtson végre. (ISO 13482 szabvány definíciója alapján).

Robots are useful helpers in almost every area of life. Their use in industry and in space research is widely known. But only a few people know that robots are used in agriculture, construction industry, national defence and disaster management, and even in health care. Now there are in stores toy and household robots available at relatively affordable prices.

During the pandemic, several countries, like China, Ruanda, Spain and Italy applied robots in the fight against COVID-19.

In this time, our Pepper robot was deployed in a private clinic in Budapest.

The task of the robot was to pre-screen and interview the patients, and to guide those who are suspected to be infected with coronavirus to the appropriate doctor, according to protocol.

Humanoid robots

The humanity has always been interested in the idea of a “machine-man” or a “robot man”, but we had to wait for its implementation till nowadays. They can be used for various tasks, as social robots alongside seniors and children, in customer service and at reception. In addition, they take out people in dangerous working environments.

We mainly deal with the concept of the customer service robot. Several types are available on the market. Perhaps the friendliest of all is the Pepper robot!

About Pepper

“Nice, friendly, a real chatterbox”, this is how most of our customers describe the humanoid robot developed by Softbank Robotics. Pepper is used not only in reception but also in education, in the social sector and in health care. Its use is widespread in Europe and even in the neighbouring countries.

Humanoid robots are able to gesticulate and they can even use elements of meta-communication during the communikation. That makes human-machine interaction more natural.

We created a fan page for Pepper robot, which aims awareness about robotics among the general public. Our goal is to bring common people closer to humanoid robotics and to introduce these kind of novelties to them. This page is available at

Two humanoid robots talking to each other

In September 2019, we finally had the opportunity to make a video how two humanoid robots talk to each other.